I decided to creepily follow the French guys to China.

I wonder if they have noticed it already.

We made a stopover in Sainshand to visit the Shambala of the Gobi desert along the way.
We were forced to book a bed, so we shared a two-bed room with the three of us in order to split the costs. In this crappy hotel, we met some drunk Mongolians with big stories. Not only got we invited to join them to the temples, but also to finish two bottles of vodka together.

The day after (everyone overslept of course) we squeezed ourselves into the car and hit the road.
First stop: the supermarket, where they bought beer and started drinking again. Heavy headed from the night before, I refused; and the big belly next to me had a lot of difficulties to accept that. He kept on offering me to take the the can, forced me to drink and on top of that he pouted his disgusting lips in order to kiss me.
We shared the back seat with four people. Two big bellied Mongolians, one of the French and me. I felt blocked and snapped. I shouted that I did not want any beer, resulting in a car full of mean men being even more rude and disrespectful than before. I was over going the options to get the fuck out of there, but we were surrounded by Steppe and I hadn't seen any sign of civilisation since we had left the city.


Most of them were drunk, and all we wanted to do was to visit this beautiful energetic place. Something that does not pair with alcohol, if you ask me.
In contradiction, some of them were extremely nice and protected me from their own friends. I guess I just had bad luck with my car.

Joining them saved us a lot of time and money, but worst-case-scenario-Marie could not let go of the fact that the three of us could not handle this group of Mongolian criminals and sumo-wrestlers. I changed place with my friend and stayed guard.

After visiting different sights, we started driving into the desert. Deeper and deeper and deeper. My heart was bouncing in my throat, because these guys liked to show me scars of their street fights and tell me about their past in criminal organisations.

In the end, they only wanted to show us the bunch of sand that the place contained and started wrestling in the Gobi desert. The atmosphere turned around in a finger snap and we went for lunch in a Ger nearby. In all their horrible behaviour, they just wanted to be nice, because we haven't paid a Tugrik that day and saw places that were impossible to see on our own.


It has been another great example of daring to take risks, because I might as well have stayed home otherwise.
The little negative experience I have had here, faded away compared to what it has brought to me. I feel more confident and got to know another part of me that is determined to hold stand. It is not easy to not please a big guy you are actually afraid of, but not moving any muscle in my face while looking at him (and secretly dying on the inside) has helped me to gain back respect and be safe.


You might wonder what the hell I am doing in these eternal landscapes during wintertime.
Well, I like to be surrounded by the nothingness of nature. It allows me to empty my head.
You can see as far as the eye reaches without any input.
You can literally feel the wind passing through your brain and absorb the sound of silence.
It is by even appreciating the nothing, one can see small things as big and colourful like they actually are.