Even though I didn't have the feeling that Moscow and me bonded enough, I decided to take my very first blablacar to Kazan.
When the Jeep arrived at the meeting point and three men got out of the car, a little bell started ringing.
The testosterone started dripping off their faces and I could only slap my head and undergo the 19-hour drive.

I could take the front seat, but one of the guys in the back was eager to know every little detail about me. It went from my fathers car, to countries I've visited and something about petroleum. I'm surprised he didn't ask me the colour of my socks. Conversations make long drives more liveable, but this person did not speak the tiniest bit of English, not to forget his extremely bad breath.

"You, Belgien, mother, father, yes, no", "You, Belgien, big money, yes, no", "Belgien, you, oil, yes?"; are some of his amazing quotes.

The night falls, but the driver decided to continue driving. When I felt the car swinging in my dreams I saw him snoozing away and demanded him to have a nap. We were "parked" in a bend, way to close to the big dirt road where the cars raced by like there was no fucking tomorrow.

After an awful sleep I seized myself asking "are we there yet?" several times.

Another 6 hours to go.

The guy in the back continued doing in what he was best.
"Time for breakfast", he thought, and took out a bag that made the car smell like corpses. It contained rotten meat which he nibbled way to close to my face.
Explains the bad breath, that is for sure.


On top of that, we got pulled over by the police. The driver needed to get out and was pushed in the police car. The other passengers started shouting and asked me panicking for my phone. The driver took the phone and started filming the officer on duty.

"No humour, no smiles."

Weird enough I was not worried at all. I seemed to have found a way to put doom scenarios somewhere in the back of my head and only think about the entertaining part of this all. What a great story to tell my friends.

After more than one hour we could surprisingly continue our journey. I still have no idea what was going on.

It is almost implausible that four hours later I would enter a whole new world of bathing, yoga and fresh soup.

How a day can reshape in a finger snap.