I got teleported to Thailand! 😮

As I was laying on my bed, trying to get the crappy fan to cool me down, I could not believe what had just happened.

A little bit more than one year ago, I left for a life-journey around the globe.
In Nepal I had planned to stick around, but exiting family events decided otherwise. My Nepali visa was running out and I needed to get home anyway; but I still had 2,5 months left before my family was going to expand, TWICE!

I am a woman who likes to surprise people, so I impulsively booked a flight to Bulgaria in order to squeeze in a hitchhiking-trip around the Balkans; I wouldn't tell a soul that I was in Europe, and thus heading home.

Trying to travel without taking planes is beautiful, but I got forced to cave in when Chinese border regulations obliged me to get an online-visa and leave the country.
And witnessing important moments in my family's life were totally worth the cheating. (sorry, not sorry)


When I arrived in Bulgaria I immediately booked a flight back to Asia in order to be sure to leave again.

One month in Belgium it was!

In Bulgaria and Macedonia my ink was still flowing, but the rest of my trip was so into the wild, that I did not have the time nor place to put myself on the writing.

I've been "kidnapped" on an epic roadtrip in Albania, slept in the fortress of Montenegro, got adopted by three friends going to the beach, camped with one of my rides in a fully equipped VanVoyage van, met a friend in Slovenia and got stuck on a creepy parking place in Germany until some angels drove me all the way to Antwerp.

So, here I am, after some Belgian comfort, family, friends and parties, back to where I sort of left of: South-east Asia.