During dinner I enjoyed not listening to a word they were saying. I didn’t even have to pretend, because they didn’t expect me to.

Sometimes I got paranoid when I tried to follow their conversations. For the words I understood in Russian and tried making the puzzle, they wanted to steal my passport, lock me up and make the next visitor hang up my phone against the cell phone wall.

I had all the time in the world to dream away without being disturbed.

What the babysitting concerns, the kid hates me, and I hate kids.
The last time I have had a walk with her, the little princess was playing very apathetic on the playground. You know, swinging on the swing, not moving a muscle in your face. Impossible! After only 40 minutes - my personal record - she started shouting stuff in Russian and attached herself to a tree so I could not take her home. Baby's are very handy to carry, but walking as casual as possible with a crying and struggling child under my left arm was a bit of an adventure. Drama queen.

So I cook.


Basically, in winter, Siberia lives on cabbage and potatoes. So I got challenged to be creative with very little. Victory was mine when they clearly found my first variation of plain potatoes delicious. I made cabbage rolls, mashed potatoes, Asian cabbage, potatoes in the oven, cabbage pasta, potato salad, cabbage filled with cabbage, Belgian fries,... Anything I could think of to let a new breeze flow in their eating habits.

Out of precaution, I hid my passport better, because love goes through the stomach.

It’s funny to take care of a family, have a walk with a grandma and a child that are not mine, feeding them and cooking whilst listening to my favourite music and dancing the dishes away.

From here on, the music sounded better ever.