The shower felt like heaven and the food boosted my system as never before.

I stayed with friends of my Red Bench-family. They had a hostel in the suburbs of the city, but I was squatting their living room.

On my arrival I re encountered a girl that I had met a couple of weeks before. She was living in Altay and offered me to join her. Since I am taking all the chances while I'm here – except for the dinosaur who asked me to come home with him – I decided to join her, meaning I had to stay 4 more days in the city.

On the second day, the owner carefully approached me. He clearly was annoyed to ask me if I wanted to sleep in the room at the end of the hall instead of the living room.
Basically, I got upgraded to a private room.
Just like that and totally for free.
While I could see people being packed in dormitories, I had a double bed, private bath room and all the time in the world to catch up with the writing and sleep away the dream I had been living the passed weeks.

Soon, the whole hostel knew I was going to Mongolia and several hands slapped their faces when they heard I did not even have a coat.

The one I am currently wearing is not vegan at all. It dates from 1974, and just like many others, it was thrown at my head by concerned Russians who wanted to avoid that I would freeze to death in the Steppe.

I don’t want the weather to stop me from infiltrating in the real local culture, so it works pretty fine for me. Moreover, it opens new opportunities for my travels in Mongolia, China and maybe even Tibet.