Wrapped up in purple kitsch, I pushed it to the limit.

We were solo’s tripling up.
We could be silent together without anyone having the need to fill it up.
In all the unspoken we understood.
In all our silence, we were the perfect team.

Enough said.
Giving the space for the mountains to layer up my mind.

The woman on the rock pointed to the middle of nowhere. The right direction.

I am strolling through Marijuana fields, but the act of walking is my number one drug.

Music carried me on the mountain.
Staircases helped me to fly.
And I was dancing to the sunset as an ode to the now.

Happiness wants to escape my skin. My tickling body parts translate in a big smile on my sunlit face.

This little unprepared dot of amateurism was walking through the wild Himalayan landscapes, climbing huge mountains and hopping her magic forests.

I’m pretty sure I saw an elf or two.

I saw the sun sinking in the clouds, perforating her light as a last attempt to shine.
I’ve never been so high.