It's 5:20 am. I'm sleeping like a baby on the back seat of the bus until the stewardess wakes me up.
I arrived on my destination, but I seemed to be the only one getting off. I soon knew why: this was the middle of nowhere.

"Take taxi and take picture and put on Instagram", the stewardess advised laughing; and she disappeared along with the bus. There was nothing more left than a gigantic empty parking space and ... me.

It's minus 6 degrees and I started walking towards a building that looked historical and probably would lead me to civilization.

There is no living soul around me, it's dark, scary and in addition extremely cold.

Around this building (which later turned out to be the Saint Michael Archangel Church) there was a construction site. I had no idea how Lithuanians are, but in Brussels I would never have tried it.
Every step I made, I imaged someone attacking me, but I kept on walking, chin up!
I got to keep moving.
My ass was freezing off.

This road created the impression to be endless, until a small tobacco business centred the middle, closed of course. I turned back on my steps for the same eternal path.


It's 6:30 am, minus 6 degrees. I'm sitting on the side walk writing my story and listening to The Doors.

The sun came up and transformed the city in a lively and green student place-to-be.

Describing what I felt that day would result in an empty page, since I'm speechless about the beauty of this city and the gratification in my heart.

I've been crying with a smile on my face walking through these virgin streets, because this is exactly how I had envisioned it.