I felt like a victim of people smuggling when I was waiting in a car in the middle of nowhere for another car to arrive. They started transferring my stuff and I was commanded to get in.
You can not imagine the countless times there were only question marks making a dance around my head. The key was to always dress warm, because Russians tend to talk next to the car or before the front door way longer than I could bare the temperature.
When they got out tea and biscuits, I had to admit my imagination went too far again. People smugglers would not give their product tea and biscuits, don’t they?
I sat back, relaxed and escorted by children’s songs we were driving direction 'I-had-no-idea'.
I had been travelling in the future, now I am travelling back in time.

I turned my clock two hours back* and entered in a house of over a hundred years old.

He was so incredibly patient to explain me how the fireplace worked. He took ages to hang the lamp from one part of the room to his working place – the kitchen –, because this person was devoted to do everything slow and passionate. Meet my room mate, who had followed his brother to the countryside to get away from the city, noise and money.
Beneath the facial hair there must have been a big smile, because his eyes were shining of self-contentment. With all the time in his world he started combing his beard and said: “this is our house and that is your room, if you want to change anything, be our guest, it’s your room, this is your new home. You will know when to get up because the sunlight tells you to.”

It reminded me of a fairy tale: found an empty house and cleaned it. The picture was complete when later that day I made a pie, and yes, I sang too.

On this farm, where they have a special place for shoes, where cell phones are pinned against an equipment wall and where ‘excursion’ means drinking in the banya and rolling naked in the snow, I’ll probably stick around for a while.

I must have been a sticker in my past life.

 * This was just to make the story sound better, I actually don’t have a watch, it's a waste of time