Packing makes you more selective by the box.
The pile of trash gets to be bigger than the inessential things.
I've learned that a lot of stuff is hoarded in houses because 'it can come in handy one day'. Because even though you have never used it, it's still difficult to accept.
It's compelling to feel how easy the importance of certain items become zero.



I've ended up with only three hand-luggage bags with shoes and clothes, plus two banana boxes with personal stuff (like books, letters, vibrator, presents, ..)
The rest got sold, given away to friends or donated.

When I come home, I will have some clothes to wear in order to adapt to my Belgian life again. Items needed to resettle (like bed, table, closet) have been deposed to friends so I only have to do a 'Tour des Flandres' to reconstruct a small house.