After the unfortunate event that happened in Dhaka, I kind of had a scare of the whole country.

Not knowing where to go or what to do, I’d locked myself into my hotel with music as my therapy. Luckily my former host was a normal person who brought me in contact with other normal locals.

I started with some small walks to the hot breakfast man who always brightened up my day.

My trust was gained and I decided to get back out there.

Nothing music can’t fix.

I decided to do a tour (I KNOW RIGHT) with Tour Group BD to the Sundarbans: a must see, but impossible to do individually.
TGBD are a bunch of young people with a passion for traveling. Not only were they the cheapest in the field but it seemed like you’d just rented some friends.

After the most stinky bus in the world, the 25 of us embarked on a boat for the weekend.

One by one they approached me to share their story and hear me out.

I’ve danced with them as my spectators, and the boat as my podium.

And if they weren’t putting me into a traditional dress, one would be doing my make up whilst another was combing my hair.

From one extreme to the other
Beautiful Bangladesh
Prejudges hadn't brought me far at all.
These people are legends.