In search of the Holy Grail!


Some facts:

  • I love putting myself into miserable situations and secretly enjoying them.
  • There is something about Samosa's that I cannot let go. I'm an addict in acceptance stage.
  • Food is my passion, food is my medicine! I love organic, real, raw, ... I love eating, vegan, animal friendly food. I think I just deeply hate vegetables.
  • Nonsensical things are quite present in my head, come in, the coffee is still warm.
  • Its about



  1. Ricky

    January 17

    Woow...extraordinary journey! Wishing you best for the future and my you achieve your plans soon.

  2. Cesar

    July 21

    Hi Marie, just wanted to say hi and let you know that we miss you here in Brussels. Cheers!

    • marieneren

      July 27

      Hi right back 😉 Nice hearing from you!
      Hope all is well! xx

  3. Alicia

    August 22

    Love this! Found you through your Happy Cow writing. From one vegan permanent-traveler to another, wander on! <3

    Going to add you to my RSS feed now...

    • marieneren

      August 25

      yihaaa! Likewise! 🙂

  4. Budi Kusriyanto

    November 17

    Nice web! I wait you to come on Indonesia, Marie.

  5. Md Ariful Azam

    August 22

    I like to see travel stories about Bangladesh, camping in Sonadia island and other places you visited...

  6. Thang Nguyen

    March 1

    Love your blog


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