In order to survive the hardcore winter on the countryside, the men drove once in a while to the city to get supplies.
Since I prefer to be one of the guys than the Snow White locked up in a dwarfs’ home, I came along.

The only car available was just perfect. The door of the trunk would only hold position supported by someone's head or a stick, the drivers seat only opened from the inside and the left front tyre seemed to hate unpaved bumpy roads. Being aside of the road in freezing temperatures became a part of the journey.
Surprisingly, car trouble is my favourite part of road-trips. I like to see people stress their asses off, while the only thing we can do is to fix it and move on.
These people didn't seem to care at all. We had all the time to not worry the tiniest bit together.

Every time we got in and out the car I had no idea where we were going, where we arrived, how long we would stay or if it was just for a cigarette break.

I think we have visited half of Novosibirsk, from one apartment to the other, trading food and catching up.

Due to the language barrier, I amused myself by free-style-subtitling their conversations. I was making up stories about intrigues, drug deals, murders, … whilst observing the women making tea with a passion and touch unseen. They would constantly be occupied by making you feel as comfortable as can be, which made me very uncomfortable sometimes.

The biggest surprise was at this particular stop on a parking lot. People were carrying big bags into a door that seemed to lead to a very small construction. A long stairs directed deep down until a table where two people  - who perfectly fitted the picture - were chatting whilst listening to a radio channel with a bad perception.
As if I got flashed back in time, I was walking through a gigantic underground tunnel, a network of long hallways with big pipes running above my head. The labyrinth must have had hundreds of doors, but the guys clearly knew where they were going.
I followed them with big disbelief through the dusty mysterious space.

These underground storages are a common thing here to keep vegetables, jars with pickled contents, or other stuff needed to endure extreme weather conditions.

If there would be an apocalypse, the Russians would definitely be the last ones to die.