Embarking on my television
Sideways plugged into nature
The danger of collision
Absorbing the local portraiture

Roots transpiercing a wall of rocks
Trees showing off their origin of life

The best reality in the world
A green rectangular turning blue
My thoughts uncurled
No deadline due

Bumping arduously to the lake
I am awake

The squeaking train amplifies emotion
Biting my hand not to scream
Thankful for my devotion
Pale skin welcomes a sunbeam

Children waving with smiles in their eyes
Pure generosity
Pleased with my downsize

Alone in a booth, puffing a cigar
Woman in lower class, a queen you are
The eternal stare into my soul
That’s the way we roll

Plants let go of their fragrancy
Dancing shoulders to natures beats
An ode to earth from a moving balcony
Shrugging away all defeats

Best television in the world
The story of a station untold.