Making life changing decisions are never easy. Especially when the universe likes to test you whether you are really ready to do this.

Typically it sends you love, opportunities or emergencies that trigger you to keep you here.


I am a very lucky woman to be surrounded by beautiful people who just keep on making it harder by the day. My connections are getting stronger and are expanding like they never did before.

I have found a man who exceeds all my expectations. Right on the moment I've realized I must leave to live my dreams.

Nice timing, universe. Bravo.

I've had a hard time accepting this and was pushing away every type of well deserved happiness for both sides.

Never fight love. And don't run away from good things thrown right in your face that are impossible to ignore.

Nevertheless, we are enjoying every moment together, realizing the end is determined.

The beauty of all this is that we can give each other the space to personally evolve, knowing that love always finds a way.

And if it doesn't, it was not meant to be.

Live the moment and accept the future.

When you make up your mind about something big, your intentions are more careless and thus more attractive to others.
I'm observing my surroundings, being fulfilled with happiness and completeness. These moments make me doubt whether I'm making the right choice.

Or did I just have to get all my shit together to be able to leave with a clear mind, instead of running away from something unexplainable?

Second of all, I got the job of my dreams offered on a silver plate.
Several brain connections were doing the trick on their own: imagining myself accepting it, postponing my trip and grab the chance while it's still there.

But, how long will I be stuck in the same canvas again? Will I reset my goal to fulfil my deepest desires until eternity ends? Too risky.

It's a test, Marie, it's a test! Don't fall for it!

I must be strong.

I can say I successfully passed the two attempts. Hoping for no more to follow.

But, I'm ready for you, universe.