I don’t like women in fur coats, especially when they are disapproving me from head to toe.
Nevertheless, I must admit they are more pleasant to share a wagon with than what awaited me.
In Angarsk, the whole dorm emptied itself, and I ought to have a quiet continuation of my trip; or maybe meet some nice conversation partners.

Bad luck, because of all sport clubs out there, I got the hockey team of 10-year-olds. As soon as they were seated and took off their shoes, the once peaceful wagon changed into a smelly kindergarten. They were literally surrounding me and I comprehended that the sleep that I had missed before would not be caught up tonight.
Someone above us must have been very mad about me that I didn't touch a drip of alcohol the night before.

God dammit, still doubting whether I am making the right choice.
I have never gone somewhere this much against my own will, certainly not whilst being pretty convinced I would not like it.

Have you ever burned your belly in a train?


My misfortune with the new dorm mates got me to sit in the restaurant where I believed to hear my own dialect. Thinking I would bump into Flemish-speaking farmers who would probably know my dad, I ended up with two Australians and a German.
It was a trap!
The conversations were empty and their English too flawless.

When I got back to my bed, I arrived in an oasis of quietness. The whole dorm was drooling their ADHD away, but early in the morning they all gathered next to my ears and started being themselves again. The output of these children was nothing an earplug could fix...

I suddenly remembered why I don't like children.

The following hours were filled with silent observation.

Just like in the movies, someone was waiting for me on the platform with a paper with my name on it. I got in the car, still not knowing where I would arrive.
I entered in a house that could have been my own. The chaos of colourful stuff and little something nothings that were laying around, reminded me of home.
All elements were there for a very cosy night: people in pyjama's laying around in the living room and the smell of tea as a sherry on the pie.
However, the way they acted was not inviting at all.

Mind and body still at war, willing to stop the eternal radars in my head, I fell asleep.