This time I left the house backwards, because according to Russian tradition this will make me come back safe.

My hosting family told the provodnitsa to look after me, helped me to put my luggage on the shelf and ran with the train until it went too fast to keep up. I squashed my face against the window and took off to create new memories.

Close your eyes and try to imagine a typical Russian guy. You have it? Well, this is exactly how my three dorm mates looked like. I introduced myself in my best Russian and in meanwhile passed by the neighbours as well. As soon as the train had set off, everyone knew my name and I was surrounded by people asking me questions I did not understand.


The provodnitsa came to check on me every once in a while, and as soon as she had left, the vodka flooded richly. All the tables were full of food and everyone shared and socialized.

The guy next to me shamelessly was all over the place. He shouted all kinds of useless information towards my face and smiled widely uncovering his golden teeth. The only time I can remember him being quiet was when he remarked a stain on his bear chest that he tried to wipe out with his spit. However, he forgot to remove the twelve others on his pants.


I got awfully drunk while my dorm mates made my bed and cared for me all night. I woke up in a swimming pool of blankets and a breakfast ready for me at the table. The glorious smell of beer and vodka made my stomach turn. The naked torso was still shouting as if he never went to bed.

Praise the lord for earplugs.