Being an European might play an important roll in the fact that I think travelling within is easy peasy.
Or, it's just because once you are in, all borders are open and the possibilities are numerous.

BlablaCar works really well and while being on the road I discovered this awesome website that gives you a list of all the possibilities at once. It includes the trains, buses and BlablaCars, so you easily can go for the cheapest option.

How to get from Berlin to Moscow without having to get a Visa for Belarus?
You might already have read about how fucked up it was to get a Russian Visa? Well, when I knew I could get a ride from a Belgian friend living in Berlin, I seriously thought I was already half way. I don’t know why, but I just kept on forgetting that between Germany and Russia there are another two gigantic countries to overcome: Poland and Belarus.
Not that I didn’t know, just somewhere I preferred to ignore it for some reason.
I simply thought a BlablaCar or bus would do, but when I heard you need a Visa for Belarus, I did not know where I had it. Especially because I did not want to visit another country asking way too many documents and money in order to just be able to pass through… I hate paperwork soooo much.

While travelling, you will soon learn that you can bypass most of the obstacles by simply going around the problem, which reminds me a little bit about life in general 😉

I used Busradar to find the cheapest fares by land and ended up with two buses from the same company. I just stared a bit at the map, and picked a city that seemed to be situated between Berlin and Moscow. I had no idea where I was going, but still decided to book a bus that arrived at 3 am in order to take another bus at 16 pm that same day. In this way, the price of my transport included my accommodation and I got to see an unknown city between 'the soup and the potatoes'.

Because of the catchy name and the cheap price, I booked two Ecolines buses.
I might be just a dummy in travelling, but I got very excited when I saw the luxury inside.
Everyone had a socket and the seats were comfortable with screens showing films, music and games to kill the time. Just like in an air plane!
I did not use the screens, but still, It felt like I was flying.

The ride took me respectively 19 and 22 hours, and the stewardess was sweeter than my own mother.

So basically, I did a big detour, but having all the time in the world, I comfortably arrived on my destination for less than 70 Euro and some adventures richer.