The past 2,5 years I have been working in a hostel/hotel in the centre of Brussels.
I have seen people passing my counter from all over the world, sometimes with their typical characteristics or just with their special flairs.
I've been willing to travel as far as I can remember. But being stuck in the reality that I first need to work before I could make this possible, made this job just perfect for me.

I was travelling without moving.


I've travelled the world whilst serving others, giving them an unforgettable stay.
I liked to fantasise about being on 'the other side', dreaming about what they were experiencing. Asking them questions about how long they have been travelling, where they are going and how they managed to obtain their way of living.
I've learned a lot about business, marketing, selling, travelling, sharing, serving, giving, receiving and appreciating cultural differences.

With pain in the heart, I have quit this job, which was an interesting journey in self development and beautiful friendships.

It's my turn now, to be on the other side.