On our road trip to Poland, back in 2014, I've come across an obstacle which will make this adventure a bigger challenge than I formerly expected.
Being a travelling vegan is not a piece of cake. Many times I was starving in the car whilst the only stops we could make were gas stations offering "food" with pieces of animals or additives, which my stomach is not so fond of.


I'm now a proud owner of my very own vegan passport which I've ordered on the internet for only 4 Euro. This handy booklet explains for over 95% of the world's population what my diet includes and excludes.

Happy Cow is my best friend! It easily shows you vegan-friendly places around the globe.

I've been writing about vegan-ism and nutrition (as a guest blogger) for "Inform the Media". You can find my articles (in Dutch) here.

I'm very curious how I will survive countries that have meat-soup as a national dish or top off everything they can find with cheese.

I will do my very organic best to inform you as much as possible about this on the road.